A story-driven, utility-rich, tokenised ecosystem


Join the Hederian Dragons community and immerse yourself

in a vibrant world of fantasy folklore and mythology.


Whether you're an experienced gamer. author or artist, or just searching

for a welcoming community - anyone can enjoy, contribute, and

earn rewards with the story of the Hederian Dragons.

Read the Hederian Dragons Prologue to get started!




The Hederian Dragons NFT collections are a major component of the Ecosystem,

representing the artistic on-ramp and creative fuel for the community.

Brimming with fun and opportunity, passive and active utility streams combine

to create a uniquely immersive decentralized brand where every collector

can be creative and tokenise their activity.

Visit the Hederian Dragons NFT Hub for everything you need to know!

Learn about our unique Create2Earn mechanism in our NFT Whitepaper

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Trading Card Breakdown.png

The Hederian Dragons Trading Cards are NFT collectibles, playable in the first

Hederian Dragons video game, Battle Arena: Hederian Dragons.

The Gen-01 trading cards can be collected by purchasing a Gen-01 Origins NFT,

or soon by trading on secondary markets such as Zuse Market.

Through our Trade2Earn mechanism you can also unlock rare and

exclusive Trading Cards. Check out our NFT Whitepaper to learn more.

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Battle Arena: Hederian Dragons is the first Hederian Dragons gaming experience.

Playable FREE via Tabletop Simulator in Steam, on PC, Mac and in VR,

Battle Arena gives you the chance to pit your strategic fortitude against your

friends using the legendary characters of the Hederian Dragons story.

Even more exciting are the Play2Earn tournaments which are
free to enter for holders of 3 or more Trading Card NFTs.

Learn more about Play2Earn in our NFT Whitepaper.

Dragma Economy.png

$DRAGMA is the proprietary utility token of the Hederian Dragons ecosystem.

$DRAGMA rewards are distributed via our NFT Staking, Community Rewards, specific
NFT collections and through the Hederian Dragons Create2Earn mechanism.

Whether you're a creator, NFT collector, or just a member of the community,

you can collect $DRAGMA and redeem it for exclusive artwork and products.

Our goal for the future is to establish a true microeconomy of

creators, fans and collectors who share a love for the Dragoverse, and

use Dragma as a fun unit of exchange and appreciation.

Check out our NFT Whitepaper for more info on $DRAGMA tokenomics.


Coming Soon...

Gold, Silver and Bronze Creator-Collaborators are involved members

of the Hederian Dragons community who add value and decentralization to the ecosystem; tokenising their contributions under the Create2Earn mechanism.

The intention is to add to these ranks as the Create2Earn mechanism develops.